Powerful  illumination with high lumen output and high efficiency. A wide range of designs and color options. Minimised and hidden driver inside the track.

COB LED from Citizen featuring Brilliant Vivid & B.BBL technologies for vibrant colors.

Ultra thin fixtures designed to be almost invisible when placed in displays. Plug ‘n’ Play power-connect systems for easy adaption of displays.

Frames with 360 degree illumination of commodities and much more.


Great choice of multi-axis tilting fixtures for any downlighting applications. High quality light performance and efficient reflector technology. Designed for all interior lighting needs with clean design and easy installation.

High lumen output and excellent glare control makes Nano Linear Light series a perfect fit for retail and office use. Fitted with Asymmetric lens for aisle and shelf illumination or with Microprismatic lens for glare reduction. For general lighting purposes suited with Opal lens.


OnEdge is a flexible linear LED shelf lighting system that is well suited for all retail sectors. ONEDGE’s range of lengths and color temperatures illuminates perfectly the products natural colors attracting the customers attention. Connecting the LED profiles is simple and can be mounted on most surfaces

Easy and movable power-connect system. Track with power leads for flexible connection of LED luminaires. Plastic profile with concealed power leads for easy installation behind shelving systems. Plastic plugs, couple parts and fixation accessory for flexible mounting and connection of shelf luminaires are available.